A friendly group of mixed- ability gardeners and garden lovers. Visitors and new members most welcome. Spring and Autumn flower & produce shows plus a Sweet Pea and Rose Show in July - all open to non-members.

Meetings on the first Thursday of the month at 7.45pm in the Quarry Centre unless otherwise stated.

Chairman Lynda Shepherd 01580 879549

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Kilndown Gardening Club - A Brief History

Although ‘Flower Shows’ have been held in Kilndown for decades, history on these is a little vague. Our present group was formed in 1956, and then called Kilndown Horticultural Society, the object to encourage and foster interest in horticulture. The first show was held on July 26th, 1956 and held in the Parish Hall, with seven classes catering for the professional gardeners, (at that time there were many) twenty five for the amateurs and thirteen classes for the ladies. Four presentation trophies had been donated for the event. After the show the Society showed a profit of £30.

Over the years the Society and format of shows and events evolved, coach trips - much looked forward, venturing out of the village was a great novelty! And in latter years, evening meetings with guest speakers was introduced.

A Golden Jubilee Show was held on July 16th 2006, with a near recreation of the first few shows held during the 1950’s and the society was pleased to welcome several of the ‘original’ participants from that era.

In 2010, it was thought that ‘Horticultural Society’ was a little staid - and a with a majority vote at the AGM, we became Kilndown Gardening Club.

So, now in our 62nd year we have witnessed many changes, in Kilndown and the wider world, there is a resurgence in ‘growing your own’, in the 1950’s it was a necessity for some, but whatever the reason now for having a vegetable patch, the philosophy remains the same.

Lynda Shepherd - Chairman

Show entrant since 1959.

Annual Subscription £10.00

Visitors Always Welcome - £2.00


Future Meetings 2018: In Quarry Centre unless otherwise stated

April 7            Spring Flower Show (Kilndown Village Hall)

May 3             "Tools of the Trade" - Russell Bowes

May 19           Plant Sale (9am-12 noon)

June 7             "Hooked on Cacti and Succulents" - Dr Sue Turner

July 5              Sweet Pea and Rose Show

August 9          "Beauty and the Beast" - David Denton

September 6     "Learning to Love Weeds" - Katherine Lynn

September 15   Autumn Show (Kilndown Village Hall)

October 4         "The Effect of Climate Change" - Dr. Mick Lynn

November 1      AGM

December 6       A Christmas Surprise