Christ Church Bell Ringers

The Kilndown bells don't ring as often as we'd like them to because we could do with some more ringers but nothing daunted we keep the tradition going and on the first Wednesday of the month (Bank Holidays excepted) there is a practice session from 7.30pm to 9pm at Christ Church. On the intervening Mondays we can be found at St Mary's, Lamberhurst as the Kilndown & Lamberhurst ringers have become a single team and between us we cover most of the events that require bells in both churches.

For those who know nothing about bell ringing please let me encourage you to come and see it in action! Did you know for example that change ringing as opposed to chiming is uniquely English and is largely only found in former British Colonies; that from the 17th century church bells have been rung to call the faithful, give the time of day or sound the alarm; that some bells have names and many have engraved dedications; that the bells are rung in ever changing patterns to a steady rhythm rather than in tunes or that pretty much anyone can learn to do it?

The Lamberhurst Tower Captain is an excellent teacher and who knows, you may find an absorbing new hobby and we might be able to get the Kilndown bells ringing more frequently! It is certainly great fun and there is satisfaction in carrying on a much loved tradition - can you imagine anything more quintessentially English than the sound of bells floating over the countryside, more uplifting than Cathedral bells joyfully pealing or more moving than the sound of a single bell tolling in memoriam?


For further information contact  Carol Eglise 01892 890923 or