Kilndown Fishing Club (K.F.C)


It all started when…

Kilndown Angling Club was set up in 1982 to bring some control to the use of the Quarry Pond. It was led by Joe Berberich, who arranged for the use of another pond off Rosemary Lane and provided visits to the Bewl Reservoir trout pens through contacts with Southern Water. When Joe gave up after he set up a trout farm near is house at Stone Crouch, Mick Waters took over until he got married and moved to Goudhurst.  David Denton continued to run the club until members' subscriptions no longer covered the cost of insurance and the Club was closed down. In 2017 it was reformed by Graham Booth, who carried out a lot of work in and around the pond.

From 2018, the now named Kilndown Fishing Club is under the control of the Parish Council.


The pond is largely stocked by Carp, mostly common or mirror, although there are a few that have inter-bred with some Goldfish that were put into the pond some years ago. A number of small fish include Roach and Gudgeon and some slightly bigger Perch. There used to be some large Tench in the pond but there have been no reports of these being caught for some years

If you are interested in joining the Kilndown Fishing Club for the 2018-2019 season please download the application form