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PA System Instructions

PA is in the boiler/bar room to the left on a small table as you go in the door

The two rocker switches that are on the back of the transmitter and amplifier need turning on - the red lights will come on and you will here the cooling fan start up.
The microphone is wireless and is in the black plastic case under the pa amplifier - this has a 3 position switch that will be in the bottom OFF position, push this switch to the top ON setting and the mic should now be live.
If you need to adjust the overall volume then ONLY MOVE the red MASTER knob on the right hand side of the pa.
The mic needs to be turned to the OFF position when not in use and when it is stored in the case.
If you want to use a cd or digital music player then plug the long black lead into the headphone socket on your device (Turn your volume on your player first so that you can build it up to the level you need. This lead is long enough to allow you to use your cd/player in the main hall. Just watch that the lead isn't stretched too far.
There are stickers on the equipment in case you need futher help.
If you have real problems then you can try and call Glynn on 07905 204247.
The pa system is for spoken voice and background music, please respect your ears, our neighbours and equipment by keeping the volume at a reasonable level.